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DelFind : iOS app for Office Delve by MoByBliz

Within Office 365, Microsoft announced last year Delve as the official name for codename Oslo. Office Delve helps you discover the information that's likely to be most interesting to you right now - across Office 365... More information Microsoft Office Delve.

DelFind app for iOS makes work more intuitive and easier to navigate on your iPad/iPhone. DelFind queries the right information delivered to you.

Need better information discovery?

Want your teams to work together as a network?

Check out the demo of DelFind iPad/iPhone application to explore your Office 365 content, powered by Office Graph:

DelFind : iPad/iPhone application to explore your Office 365 content, powered by Office Graph

Powered by Office Graph

DelFind is build on top of Office Graph. Office Graph uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to connect you to the relevant documents, conversations, and people around you.

Access to queries, people and boards

Standard's Delve queries are integrated into DelFind, and we add 3 more: Modified, Viewed and Trending around me. People and Boards are just a click away.

View, Edit, Download, Share

DelFind allows to Download, Send link by Email, Send file by Email easier than before. For Office Documents, DelFind allow you to Edit in Office App (if installed on your iPad) or Edit in Office WebApp! In the premium version, we will add favorites files and local download.

Designed for iPad/iPhone

DelFind is designed for mobile usage, with standard interface and controls for iPad/iPhone.

Search consistant accross queries, people and board

DelFind App for iPad/iPhone applies your text search on standard queries like Shared with me or Trending around me, as well as on People or even on Boards.

Narrow your search by file format

Want to see only Video or OneNote content? Just apply filter results to see only files format you want.

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